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First Drafts and Unused Strips

Here's the original version of the "My Lawyer is Gay" gag. I always liked the punchline a lot and didn't want to see it lost by the wayside of the boys' "Going to Prison" story point. So in lieu of a typical meeting with the Lawyer, I liked the idea of the conversation being separated by glass a lot better in the end.

The pacing on this version of the "Back in Time for Reals" strip was a little off. So I rehashed it with a new punchine and I think it's better for it.

This is an idea for a storyline that, while I liked it, didn't seem to fit into the flow of the story as it came out. I drew it up sometime during "Blast off the Future" and when I got around to "Radio Killed the Video Bar" there really wasn't a starting point for it. I was kind of sad to see it go, as it's kind of a testament to how ridiculously insane Aaron may well be, but all in due time, I suppose.

Again, part of the shitcanned "Aaron's Girlfriend" arc. As you can see, I was itching to get another use out of that Jumanji/Training Day joke.

I always wondered about Aaron's sleeves, as in, would they be high maintenance and get in the way all the time? Here's where my brain went with that one.

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